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Project: Elandsfontein

Give Credit where Credit is due. When life seems to run by us, and we sometimes forget to thank the people who gives more than their time to complete projects, but we at HP Cranes make time! We want to take this opportunity to introduce to you Henry Spamers the founder and CEO of HP Cranes Consulting and Mike Willemans loyal technician for 20 years who were the ones working hard and diligently on the Elandsfontein project. In a Nick of Time HP Cranes Supplied and Installed an 60m Gantry in Elandsfontein. Thanks to our Lead Team, the project is completed.

Elandsfontein Gantry pc1 Elandsfontein Gantry pc2 Elandsfontein Gantry pc3 Elandsfontein Gantry pc4 Elandsfontein Gantry pc5 Elandsfontein Gantry pc6 Elandsfontein Gantry pc7

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We can start to say that 2015 was an extraordinary year, we thank our employees for their hard work, and also our Provider who never fails to suprize. And we believe that 2016 will even be GREATER! We have reached greatness in 2015 and would like to share it with you today.

Donavon Spamers is one of our lead engineers who took up a task that was meant to be done by a team of many. Taking his time away from home and his family to install 2 off 70/10 ton 40 m span cranes in Zambia from October 2015, and handing over in January 2016. Thank you Donavon for the dedication and passion you add to your work. We want to also thank the team provided to him by the client. “It was a pleasure working with them” words from Donavon Spamers.

We at HP Cranes are proud of our work.

Zambia Overhead crane pc1 Zambia Overhead crane pc2 Zambia Overhead crane pc3 Zambia Overhead crane pc4 Zambia Overhead crane pc5

We have come t...

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